Student Support

At Peter Ewart we have a special place in the school which provides students a calming, supportive area when extra help is needed.  We are lucky to have many amazing people to support our students: the Learning Support Services Team, our school counsellor, Aboriginal Support Worker (ASW), and Youth Care Worker (YCW).

Support for Students

Learning Commons:                                               

Peter Ewart’s Learning Commons has a collection of print and non-print materials and technology resources.  In addition to library skills our Teacher Librarian cooperatively plans and teaches units with classroom teachers. The Teacher Librarian and the Learning Commons technician manage the Learning Commons, the internet and word-processing computers, provide lunch-hour access, and hold book exchanges with class divisions. More information about our Learning Commons is available on the school website.

School Counselors:                                     

Peter Ewart has a school counselor. Students and parents are encouraged to call or leave a note requesting to see the counselor in order to address the social and emotional needs of the children.

 School Based Team (SBT):                                    

Every month, the Resource/Learning Assistance teacher chairs a meeting of teachers and an administrator, plus School District support staff. Meetings are scheduled to discuss the needs of individual students, referred by teachers, and to brainstorm suggestions for their support.

English Language Learner Support (ELL):

ELL support teachers are provided to Peter Ewart to work with students for whom English is their second language.

Aboriginal Support Worker:

Our Aboriginal Support Worker will provide Aboriginal students with academic and cultural support.

Youth Care Worker

Our Youth Care Worker will assist both students and families with ways of coping with and correcting negative behaviours, making friends and acting positive.

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