What are Middle Schools?

Middle schools structures, staff, curriculum and physical layout reflect the unique characteristics of adolescents.

* Middle schools are about transition – from child to young adult, from elementary to secondary school
* The goal is to keep Gr. 8’s younger, not make Gr. 6’s older
* It’s like an elementary school with some great additions
• Students will have a home room teacher, but teachers will work in teams
• Participation and school spirit will be encouraged
• Students will have the same teachers for grades 6 and 7. This is known as looping
• Curriculum will be relevant and delivered in a way that encourages deeper learning
• High standards will be set for achievement, behaviour, and participation
• School will be fun



Peter Ewart Middle School

7755 202A Street, Langley
BC, V2Y 1W4
Phone: 778-726-4815